Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips

Coffee Enema

You do what with coffee? Yes believe it or not coffee enemas have been around a long time. It’s not a new fad. Coffee enemas have appeared in medical writings dating back to ancient Egypt and have been cited in case reports and articles from the late 1800s.

Check out the FAQ below. I personally have used coffee enemas to help detoxify the liver, flush stones, detox heavy metals and parasites.

Resources: - Purchase your system/coffee and FAQ

Gerson Institute - 8 things you need to know about coffee enemas.

Instructions: How to do it.


FAQ’s About Coffee Enemas

  • The caffeine in coffee enters the liver through the portal system and causes an increase in bile flow.  The bile in turn makes the accumulated poisons and toxins to be released and evacuated from the body.

  • Coffee enemas are a powerful way to detoxify the body.

  • Coffee enemas are an excellent alternative to sedation or pain relievers.

  • Coffee enemas taken in an enema are unlike drinking coffee. 

  • Coffee enemas do not affect normal evacuation processes.

  • Coffee enemas are not given to improve elimination.

  • Coffee enemas are given to stimulate the release of toxins in the liver.

  • Coffee enemas are known to relieve depression and mental confusion

  • Coffee enemas are known to relieve back pain,  allergy symptoms, and arthritis.

  • Coffee enemas must be done along with juicing organic fruits and vegetables. Or taking minerals like SEC Greens or Herbal and Mineral Complete.

  • Coffee enemas can be taken without assistance at home.

  • Coffee enemas should be given using stainless steel or glass enema buckets so acids wont leech chemicals that can occur with plastic enema bags.

Contraindications according to the Gerson Institute

  • Currently undergoing chemotherapy

  • Renal, cardiac or respiratory failure

  • Bleeding and/or ulceration in the colon tract

  • Ulcerative Colitis

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Ileostomy (no colon)

  • Hypertension and/or tachycardia

  • Pregnant (consult with your primary physician)

  • Acute or ongoing chronic diarrhea until investigated by a physician

  • First 6-8 weeks post-surgery (always check with your primary physician)

Here’s a video overview of Coffee Enemas and FAQ from my parasite cleanse program