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Testimonial - Male | 70's |Massachusetts


Throughout our lives we all have had bad experiences that we just can’t seem to get rid of. They can be memories that could deal with abuse of different types, rejections by someone or dealing with another type of personal hurt or being used.
Many times they may keep resurfacing by causing depression, mood swings or affecting our relationships with others that we love, even to the point that our health is influenced in a negative way.

After doing a computer analysis test, Kyla is able to bring to the surface what these negative emotions are that we have tried to block out over time and teach us how we can remove them and replace it with positive thoughts. She will guide you through a mental exercise to help you remove & replace these emotions that will then contribute to a less stressful and happier life.
You can walk away without feeling troubled by these negative past experiences anymore.


Testimonial Female | 40's | California



I can't even begin to tell you how much Kyla’s services have helped me! It got to the root of my physical and emotional issues.

With her health advice, supplement plan and guidance I'm feeling great.

I think my biggest challenge has been facing my emotional history and being at peace with it. Second challenge: not letting my physical health issues overwhelm me.

With Kyla’s help I feel like I've finally been able to do this in a very healthy and healing way!

Testimonial Melissa Hanson | Health Coach | California

Working with you and your services, I have literally put my lyme disease in remission. This is huge for me! I followed your protocol strictly and I was able to completely remove it. I never had any hesitations about working with you, especially with your degree in nursing. What I liked most about working with you was your energy. You are calm, peaceful, and never pushy. I appreciate how you explain everything. Your communication skills are incredible.

I recommend your services to everyone. I’m a health coach and when clients can’t lose weight through diet I realize there is something deeper going on. Maybe their adrenals are fatigued or they might be holding onto emotional trauma, need to detox, or have deficiencies. I send them to Kyla and let her check what is going on and needs to be addressed.  I have benefited from our time together because I’ve learned so much about how the body speaks to you if you know how to listen. I want everyone to know Kyla truly cares about people and that makes all difference in the world. ---- Hanson's   Kitchen

Testimonial Kylie| 20's | Massachusetts


I'm currently up in Maine for vacation and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. One of the biggest reasons I am able to enjoy this weekend, is because I am finally happy with the way my skin looks.

It's always been a huge issue for me and a major setback in my self confidence. My skin has not looked this good in 6 years. I have not felt this good in 6 years.

I can't stop smiling. I am no longer concerned of how my skin looks, I'm not worried about people looking at me and only seeing my acne. I am so so thrilled. I can't wait to continue my program and watch my skin get even better!
So thank you again, Kyla!