Electro-dermal Screening


Customized Natural Health Protocols

Image of Happy women with vegetable juice

Are you ready?

Ready to deal with why you have fear and racing thoughts? 

Ready to deal with the root cause of your fatigue?

Ready to change so you don’t have to fake a smile when talking to your customers… when your dealing with muscle aches and pains each morning?

Are ready to know why you get severe headaches twice a month? You don’t want to take Excedrin, but the peppermint oil isn’t cutting it.

Are you ready to find out what you really need?

You want to see progress.

You know what to eat and drink 100 oz of water a day, but you need more help. You take herbs, vitamin D and fish oil each morning, but in the back of your head you wonder “is this what I SHOULD be taking?”

You love energy medicine and work on having a positive mindset. Because you know your thoughts and past experiences affect your health now. (Aka that traumatic childhood event when Dad cheated and left Mom when you were 8). You have an idea of what those issues are and are ready to work with someone who can help you change.

Here’s the solution you’ve been looking for: I can help you REALLY take care of your health.

Using biofeedback I will identify what needs to be worked on to get you the fastest results.

There are 1,000 of supplements out there. Using biofeedback we will identify the exact immune support or liver cleanse you need to get rid of your chronic headaches and seasonal allergies for good! Biofeedback will tell you the real root cause!

During your sessions we will also use your input and my specialized process of releasing emotions to identify and transform subconscious beliefs and change your perception of those traumatic events that are leaving you feeling anxious and sad.

Taking care of your health naturally is a process.

You know you can’t do a HIIT workout once and wake up the next day with a strong and toned body. It’s a lifelong process that requires regular sessions and a change to your routine occasionally. It’s worth it to look and feel your best.

Natural healthcare is the same. It’s an on-going process that is WORTH IT to look and feel your best.

You are ready.