How do you know if you have a Miasm?

How do you know if you have a Miasm?
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips

A root cause of dis-ease

Back to the beginning

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) is considered the father of homeopathy. He believed that miasms were the root cause of all disease. What homeopathy is and how he discovered it is a topic for another day. Basically he saw good results with his patients that were treated with homeopathy. Permanent cures and remissions! Can you imagine how excited this doctor was to discover this? But some patients weren’t getting better. Some got better for a time but then went backwards. Why???

This question let to “the discovery of the nature of these chronic diseases”. Patients would present with symptoms and he looked for the underlying chronic disease (called Miasms). Basically miasms are genetically inherited energetic change in DNA that affects gene expression. Think of it like a kink in your DNA that predisposes you to certain conditions. He discovered three main miasms: 

  • Psora

  • Sycosis

  • Syphilis.

He believed Psora to be the most prevalent one. Fast forward almost two hundred years and Miasmic thinking has developed with the discovery of additional miasms, the understanding of how they affect a mental state, characteristic and susupectibilies. Some newer theories say a miasm could reappear even after being treated. Especially if a person manifests certain mental/emotional patterns again.


Samuel Hahnemann

Father of Homepathy


I personally don’t believe taking remedies for miasms should be self directed.

Some Practioner believe you are changing your DNA, healing at the cellular level and changing deeply ingrained patterns!

Healing takes energy.

Detoxing a miasm effectively has multiple factors to consider. The potency (strength) of the homeopathic solutions, drainage support whether the body’s vital force is strong enough to do it. 

If you want to safely address this crucial root cause you need EDS testing to screen for the correct miasm.

Your body has its own wisdom. When we tap into that we get amazing results. So you want to learn more about your miasm?

Does your bottle say: 

ADD/ADHD or Sycosis

This is the hyperactive miasm. It can cause lumps, bumps and growths. Conditions that are worsened by dampness like arthritis, bronchitis, cystitis, endometriosis, tumors, colitis, asthma and other reproductive/urinary disorders.

When this miasm is out of balance it expresses its self with excess inner energy (there’s that ADD connection) , chaotic and confrontational tendencies, a need for excitement and stimulation and a focus on self. You may have trouble accepting positive criticism or having empathy for others.

Don’t freak out, your print out may say Gonorrhea or Medorrhinum (both descriptions refer to Gonorrhea). Someone in your family line had it and that is where the miasm comes from. This is the homeopathic we use to treat this miasm.

Is there any good news? Yes when this miasm is balanced you are predisposied to have a strong attachment to your spouse, free flowing energy, creativity and can be very outgoing. We all know someone who can light up a room by their presence. This is that Sycosis type of person.



Yes this sounds very similar to syphillis. It is caused the genetically inherited bacteria syphillis. Hahnemann discovered our ancestors had a lot of STDs... Yikes...

Interestingly syphilis is really similar to Lyme disease in that both bacteria have a corkscrew shape and borough into tissues. It hides and causes inflammation and destruction similar to Lyme disease. 

This miasms mainly affects bones, joints, brain, nervous system, immune system and mucous membranes (some examples of that are the lining of the mouth and intestines) . Examples of some conditions that may have this miasm as an underlying root cause: ulcerative colitis, arthritis, depression, anxiety, insomnia, loss of taste and smell, alopecia. 

The personality of this miasm is anxious, has a poor memory, is depressed, has difficulty concentrating and can be a bit OCD! In order to detox this miasm you will definitely need other support for your body. 

Psora  or Psorinum

Hahnemann felt this one is present in every human being. The remedy Tuberculinum (from Tuberculosis) will be in your customized detox.

When out of balance this cause you to have a feeling of weakness, fear and poverty. Physically it is linked to skin issues, repeat colds/flu, allergies, osteoporosis and chronic fatigue.

If you are healthy and balanced this can motivate you to prepare for the future, work hard and save money. Not bad qualities right?

 Psora can be very healthy for us, motivating us to prepare for the future and take reasonable precautions in life. This is in the nature of all miasms: they have a positive, adaptive effect when they are in a healthy state, creating problems only when they move into an unhealthy one.

Carcinosin or Carcinocci

This is considered a more modern miasm. It may have developed as a reaction to modern life. 

This miasm embodies many of the ideals of modern society such as perfectionism and fastiousness. Doing the right thing at all times. This person may have addictive tendencies, phobias, shyness, anxiety, strong sense of responsibility and self-sacrifice.

Physically they are prone to chronic fatigue, eczema, eating disorders, cancer, frequent colds and sickness, insomnia and constipation


So what do you think? Do you have a miasm? Do you want to get rid of this root cause?

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