How to read your supplement schedule and FAQ

How to read your supplement schedule and FAQ
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips

How do I take my products?

Take your supplements as directed on the paper with the blue and white chart. Recommended dosage and timing are written there.

Clear liquids: Take directly under the tongue. (These are homeopathic). Wait 15 minutes before having coffee or mint. Do not store the bottle near your cell phone or electronic devices.

All other internal liquids: You can mix them together, take with water or juice.

Pills: Take with food or as recommended on your blue sheet.

Essential Oils: Follow the schedule for how to use the oil. If you need to apply it topically read the the notes column (far right column) for WHERE to apply it. When in doubt apply to the bottom of the feet. Do not use essential oils in plastic water bottles. Please read the label for further safety instructions.

Powders: Use dosage on the sheet. Read product label to tell you what it can be mixed with.

Check the label if the product needs to be refrigerated.



What if I don't like the taste?

You can add it to water or juice. Essential oils you can put in a veggie capsule.

Normal Detox Reactions:

If you have headache, fatigue that is normal. Drink extra water. If you have rash, loose stools, nausea decrease your detox dosage by cutting it in half or stopping it for a few days. Drink extra water and make sure you are moving your bowels. The detoxes are in small 1 oz bottles with a red bar on the top.

How long do I need to take each product or know what to reorder?

Check under the duration section. It will say if it is for a certain period of time or number of bottles. To reorder please do so online through the Shop link. If you can’t do so online please call 781-682-2090 and follow the prompts for the ordering department. Please do not text or email orders.

What is each product is for:

The blue sheet with the product schedule has a “notes” column that indicates what it is for. On the EDS report there is a description of the products which will tell you more about each product.

Do you have any tips on making this easier to follow?

Get everything ready the night before. Count out your drops and pills and put in small glass jars/containers so it’s easy to grab and go.

Personally I put my pills in a pill organizer box to take at lunch. Then in the morning I add all my drops to my water bottle I will be bringing with me for the day. You could get a pill organizer and set up your pills once for the week to help keep you on track.