Is grounding worth it?

Is grounding worth it?
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips


The short answer is YES!

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are comprised of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other, which travel together in an invisible wave form.

Your body is electric. (Great book to read on this: The Spark in the Machine - how the science of acupuncture explains the mysteries of western medicine)

The fact of the matter is that electric and magnetic fields are one in the same, an electrical charge (like an electron) in motion causes a magnetic field, and a magnetic field in motion causes an electric field. ... Just like a moving electron produces a magnetic field. - Scienceline UCSB

So it makes sense that sources of EMFs from microwaves, Wifi, Smart-Meters, cellphones, laptops, computers, tablets and other such devices affect the electromagnetic field and chi flow of the body.

How to protect yourself:

  1. Limit Exposure

    1. Don’t sleep with cell phone or tablet near you. Preferably keep it out of the bedroom. Get a nice sun-rise inspired alarm clock instead of using your phone. Or turn your phone on airplane mode at night. Sleep with it at least 6 feet away from the body.

    2. Put your wifi on a time so it shuts off while everyone at home is sleeping.

    3. Jewelry to help off-set the negative effects: Energy Armor or Quatumn Science Life.

    4. Use grounding mats while working at computer of desk or get a sheet or blanket through for your bed.

    5. Order EMF protecting homeopathic, call EMF Protect and balance. Follow the instructions on the label. (you can purchase it through the online store or in the office.

    6. Grounding shoes! Check out this company: Earthing Adventures for some options.