The Best Non-Toxic Cleaners I use

The Best Non-Toxic Cleaners I use
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips


Cleaning products can be a huge source of toxins, either through touch or inhalation.

For health improvement we want to reduce chemical exposure. This is one change you can make ASAP at minimal cost and effort.

Make your own all purpose cleaner with essential oils:
16-ounce spray bottle
1 ½ cup white vinegar
½ cup distilled water
8 drops of your citrus oil of choice

Less DIY option: I use On Guard concentrated cleaner for everything. One bottle lasts me a long time. You just add some of your concentrate to an empty spray bottle, fill with water and add 10 drops of lemon or your favorite oil. Plus I put it in a super cute ombre glass spray bottle... it almost makes cleaning fun... at least it makes it toxin-free!

EPA Approved Cleaner for COVID that is safe and non toxic:

Force of Nature

Force of Nature uses electrolyzed water!

The technology to make electrolyzed water has actually been around for years in the industrial space, where it’s used in green cleaners, wound, eye and even veterinary care products. But until now it required industrial-size equipment costing $10,000+. They scaled it down for your countertop and your wallet! If you want to learn more about the science etc, check out their website.

Laundry Detergent

On guard Laundry detergent for less chemical exposure on our skin. Very effective and I use it straight on spots as a stain remover.

Glass Cleaner

8-ounce spray bottle
Equal parts white vinegar and water
5 drops doTERRA Lemon oil

Get your cleaning make over kit.

Glass Spray bottles

More cleaning recipes can be found at click Do It Yourself Tab!