What is EDS?

What is EDS?
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips

Electrodermal Screening

also know by Electrodermal Analysis (EDA), Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) or Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV).

This technology was invented in the mid-1950’s by a German medical doctor named Reinhold Voll. He dedicated his entire practice and research to this technique he named Electro-Acupuncture.By the 1970’s it was in use around the world as an effective tool for evaluating and finding treatment for patients.

How it works:

It sends a small current (called micro-amp) that you don’t feel through various acupuncture meridian points. Information is picked up by the meter, analyzed by a computer and a report is generated.

Your body is electric
Remember learning in science class about protons, neutrons and electrons? You were learning about what YOU are made of! At a subatomic level we are all vibrating bundles of energy and electricity.

What I find beautiful about this technology is it will show functional or energetic imbalances far before changes could show up in a blood test. Once the imbalances are identified natural remedies such as vitamins, homeopathics, herbs or oils are checked to bring the body back into balance. There are 1,000’s of options to choose from but your body selects the best energetic match.

Who does it work for?

All ages can benefit from this testing. Everyone is different but most people initially get tested every 6-12 weeks a few times to bring their body back into balance and then go on a maintenance program. This process works for those that do it. The “treatment” is not the testing. It is the program you follow afterwards. If you are committed to change you will see results. Don’t limit yourself thinking I could never cut this out of my diet, I just don’t have the time to exercise, sleep or cook my meals. The “I can’ts” have got to go. Don’t worry we can work on those limiting beliefs. The diet and lifestyle changes along with supplements are KEY to getting the results you truly want.

we use your saliva sample to plug into the software and get the same information. You don’t miss out on anything!


It is an economical non invasive way to screen numerous factors related to your health. This includes nutritional needs, food sensitivities, toxins, spinal misalignment, physical and emotion stress and limiting beliefs. Some types of biofeedback technology automatically scans the whole body and spits out a report of everything wrong. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

The testing software used at Thrive With Wellness looks at what the priority is. The body heals in layers like peeling back and onion. If we address the issues in order of priority you will see results faster saving you time and money.