Peri-Post Menopause

Feel like yourself again:

H & H formula 5-10 drops 2x day

Her Formula 1-2 dropperful up to 3x day


What the research shows is helpful to optimize hormone/bone/overall health in this phase which is 1/3 of your lifetime as women!




Vitamin D

Iodine 1-3 drops helps optimize thyroid and endocrine function and is protective to breast health.


Lifestyle suggestions:

Exercise - strength training 2-3 times a week is essential.

Wear block light blockers after sunset

Rest when you need to rest.

Try to get outside daily in the morning, go for a short walk 10-60 minutes. Anything helps.

anti-inflammatory diet

protein with each meal - 30 grams

intermittent fasting

limit alcohol to 2 drinks/week

limit caffeine to 1-2 cups in the am

talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy if it's a match for you. I suggest topical creams/patches verses pills (it's easier on the liver)





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