How to send your saliva sample and follow up remote testing

 How to take your sample:

  • Wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking.

  • Take 3 Q-Tips, swab the inside of your mouth saturating both ends with saliva.

  • Place in a zip lock bag.

  • Please label with Name, Date of Birth and Phone #.

Send sample via priority mail to:
Thrive With Wellness
Kyla Phillips
160 Old Derby st Suite 111
Hingham MA 02043



 Remote Testing Follow Up Options


Client Portal:
  • Please activate your account in the client portal if you haven’t done already. You will receive an email to activate your account.

  • Download the the better by practice better app to your phone. (Search your phones app store for "Better" By Practice Better.

  • Complete the update form. You can do this in the client portal or through the email that will be a sent. This where you will fill out your concerns for testing, supplements, medications etc. This is the information Kyla will reference when doing your test. If you haven’t had a test done in a while Kyla may also send you a shortened intake form.