Micro Daily

Micro Daily

A powerful patent-supported combination of micronutrients that, through extensive research, have been proven to be one of the most advanced daily supplement available. 

When you burn energy, your body creates cell-damaging molecules known as “free-radicals” that cause inflammation. Micro Daily helps you take the offensive by delivering a broad range of micronutrients and important antioxidants designed to neutralize free radicals and strengthen your ability to combat them over time.


Taken twice a day, with breakfast and dinner, Micro Daily greatly improves your body’s ability to fight the good fight toward optimal health. 

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New clients: Purple capsules

Hydro is a great option for those that have trouble swallowing pills.

The kids gummies version is great for young ones, I have all my nieces and nephew on it!


You can also call 801.655.4501 to order - To order, give them my name Kyla Phillips and referral ID code 161755.