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Arco Plus

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Arco Plus

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May help support normal inflammation, immune health, and normal blood glucose*




Suggested Usage:

10 to 30 drops 3 times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Pau D’Arco (bark), Soursop (leaf), Cat’s Claw (bark), Dragon’s blood croton (bark), Barberry (root), Licorice (root), Suma (root), Condurango (bark), Ginkgo (leaf), Purified Water, Ethanol (25%).


*Pires, T. C. S. P., Dias, M. I., Calhelha, R. C., Carvalho, A. M., Queiroz, M.-J. R. P., Barros, L., & Ferreira, I. C. F. R. (2015). Bioactive Properties of Tabebuia impetiginosa-Based Phytopreparations and Phytoformulations: A Comparison between Extracts and Dietary Supplements. Molecules20(12), 22863–22871.

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