Professional Foot Bath Machine

Gently Used Detox Foot Bath MACHINE Professional Grade - Local Pick up Only

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Used foot bath machine (about 2 years old) comes with carrying case, and 2 gently used nodules. Pick up only. 

You wash the outside of your body daily, what about the inside?


Get started with a series to deeper cleanse your body. (Series of 8-12 sessions on average)


  • lymphatic cleansing

  • increased energy

  • supports detoxification

  • improved effectiveness of supplements

The machine produces ions which stimulate the body’s natural ability to detoxify.


This is the same machine used at health clinics such as Bremen Health Clinic!

Note: At the end of a treatment, the foot-bath water will be discolored. Some of this discoloration is due to the minerals in the water or sea salt you are using and some of it is the body releasing toxins from your skin into the water. The color changes in the water will vary between clients and between sessions. It may change a lot or it may change very little. This is normal. The machine is working fine and the body will be absorbing energy. When slight color changes occur, the body may choose to detox through the urinary system and through the colon rather than through the lymph system via the skin during a foot-bath session.


Machine comes with instructions


Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, have an electronica implant, seizure disorder, an organ transplant or open cuts or wounds on the feet. Follow the instructions that come with the machine to use it safely. 


Here are the supplies you need outside of the footbath

- Sea Salt

- Foot bath bucket - I have one similar to this.

- Trash bag liners. (optional, It makes for easier cleanup. I don't use it at home I just wash the bucket, but this can make for easier clean up)

- Lysol Lime & rust remover works great for cleaning the array. You can fill a small container with this so the array is fully submerged. Soak for 10minutes then remove and rinse off. You should use gloves so you aren't touching the cleaning chemical. It needs to be cleaned between each use so it lasts as long as possible. You can reuse the cleaning solution. When the cleaning solution starts to look great I empty it out and refill with new cleaner.


Instructions on how to use machine: