True Rife Saliva Analysis

how to get the maximum benefit from your true rife machine

Do you want to know:

  • What day and overnight programs you need?
  • How often should you run them?
  • What Ion Pro Wave program will help you with drainage?

Watch the video below to learn more.

What's included:

  • PDF of your customized protocol program
  • PDF of your Meridian Scan
  • Brief video recording explaining what programs you will be doing


Next Steps:

  • Purchase your test using the link below
  • Mail your saliva sample
  • Please check email for Waiver that needs to be completed prior to sample being processed.
    • Payment will be processed automatically when saliva sample is received.


    Processing time is 1-2 weeks after saliva sample is received.


    How to take your sample:

      • Wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking.
      • Take 3 Q-Tips, swab the inside of your mouth saturating both ends with saliva. (use Q-tips you have at home. There is no kit being mailed to you)
      • Place in a zip lock bag.
      • Please label with Name, Date of Birth and Phone #.

      Send sample via priority mail to:
      Thrive With Wellness
      160 Old Derby st Suite 111
      Hingham MA 02043


      For Supplement and Biofeedback Testing Schedule the New Client appointment.