How to Diffuse Essential Oils!

How to Diffuse Essential Oils!
Kyla Phillips
Kyla Phillips

Keep it simple!


What to do:

  • Fill water to the recommended line (doterra diffusers have a max water line inside)

  • Add 3-5 drops of oils (total)

  • Put the lid back on and turn on

Common Questions/Concerns

  • You don’t need to clean it thoroughly in between uses. What is do is empty the water and wipe the inside with a napkin or paper towel.

  • If you have to diffuse an oil on your program, try to be in the same room as the diffuser for 30 minutes. If it’s longer it’s fine, if it’s less time. Don’t stress about it!

  • Each bottle from doterra lets you know how to use it safely. It will say on the label it is for aromatic (diffuser) use.

  • Quality of the oils mater. Just because you aren’t putting the oil directly on your skin doesn’t mean you can use inferior quality. To illustrate: do you think mold only affects you if you eat it or put it on your skin? No of course not! You could breathe it in and cause harm. Similarly, if your oils are cut with synthetic chemicals and fragrances and you are diffusing it… it is going to affect you !A bottle of Lemon or Wild orange from doTERRA is $10-15. We can all afford that! It’s better to use fewer less expensive TOP quality oils that a bunch of imitations. Does that make sense?

Now… how to use the diffuser.