detox Protocol

Disclaimer: Product recommendations here are purely educational for adults only. Nothing is intended to diagnose or treat disease. I am not a medical doctor and do not advise on medical treatments including vaccination.


Lifestyle Recommendations to support optimal health:


Epsom Salt baths 1-2x a week. (use 3-5 cups Epsom salt)

 Make sure you are drinking water, peeing, pooping & sweating! You want your detox and drainage pathways open to support elimination of toxins. You should be moving your bowels at least once daily, ideally 2-3x daily to have your detox pathways open. Reneu colon cleanse is a great support to keep the colon clean. Follow directions on the bottle  



Micro Daily - I recommend this for everyone! It helps repair RNA, is amazing for the immune system and over all health.

Follow dosing on the bottle. I like taking it 3x a day.

 Learn more about the research that went into micro daily

Ionic detox foot baths. If you have a machine, I suggest 2-3/week starting a few weeks before and continuing for a few weeks after. Hannah is a great resource for the machine we use in the office and is available to purchase for home use. If buying a machine for home doesn’t fit your budget,

I suggest doing a Footbath 1/week if your circumstances allow.

You can schedule online or call and one of the team members can help. Contraindications for the Footbath are pregnancy, pacemaker, electronic implant, seizure disorder, history of organ transplantation.

For my clients with a sauna at home that is a great option as well. As high heat as tolerable 30-60 minutes. Do what is tolerable.

A few clients have come in for headset frequency treatments right after and that helps optimize body function as well.


Starting 1 week before:

1. Micro Daily 3 servings daily

2. Immu C 30 drops 1-2 times a day

3. Flu Stop homeopathic follow directions on the bottle.

4. HMET Binder 1 capsules 1-2 times a day. (up to 2 twice daily is an aggressive dosage)

5. Lymphatic drainage or Lymphathic vascular drainage 10drops 2x day - to boost lymphatic drainage


Ideal to add:

ADEK Pro 2 capsules daily or Vitamin D


These suggestions are for adults only.