Testimonial Melissa Hanson | Health Coach | California

Working with you and your services, I have literally put my lyme disease in remission. This is huge for me! I followed your protocol strictly and I was able to completely remove it. I never had any hesitations about working with you, especially with your degree in nursing. What I liked most about working with you was your energy. You are calm, peaceful, and never pushy. I appreciate how you explain everything. Your communication skills are incredible.

I recommend your services to everyone. I’m a health coach and when clients can’t lose weight through diet I realize there is something deeper going on. Maybe their adrenals are fatigued or they might be holding onto emotional trauma, need to detox, or have deficiencies. I send them to Kyla and let her check what is going on and needs to be addressed.  I have benefited from our time together because I’ve learned so much about how the body speaks to you if you know how to listen. I want everyone to know Kyla truly cares about people and that makes all difference in the world. ---- Hanson's   Kitchen