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NSP (PETS) Pro Multi Vite

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NSP (PETS) Pro Multi Vite

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3.5 oz.


Pro Multi Vite supplement enhances immune competence through a careful balance of the sulfur bearing proteins in the whey and colostrum with the essential fatty acids in the tuna and krill oils. Most popular pet foods are lacking adequate vitamins and minerals. Even the finest organic grass-fed meats do not provide the abundance of vitamins and minerals your animal needs on a daily basis to sustain a healthy immune system. Pro Multi Vite addresses these issues with a broad spectrum multi-factorial, food-based nutraceutical, which restores and strengthens your pet’s immune system. Benefits: Animals suffering from gum disease, dental issues, blood disorders, failure to thrive, diabetes, etc.

Administered as a supplement for healthy pets, you will notice shinier eyes, a luxurious coat, more energy, a greater ability to learn, and a happier pet that lives longer than average.

Suggested Use: Add to food or liquid 1x per day:

Cats: 3/4 tsp.


·        Up to 20 lbs. - 3/4 tsp.                 

·        20-50 lbs. 1.5 tsp.                

·        50-100 lbs. -2 tsp.                

·        100 + lbs. - 3-4 tsp.

When introducing anything new to your animal start with a small amount. If your animal has no reaction or a positive reaction then you may gradually raise the dose until you have reached the suggested amount. If adding to dry food, wet first with water or broth.